MusicWorks! Studio of Performing Arts

Performing Companies

Our MusicWorks! Performing Companies offer the serious tapper more intense training and performance opportunities. Members of the tap companies attend Company class 1 day per week, along with a jazz class and one additional tap or tap/jazz combo technique class.

The Performing Companies will participate in 1-2 dance/talent competitions in the spring in addition to local parades, the Holiday Showcase and the annual June recital. Performing Company dancers also have opportunities to perform in the community, take class from master teachers, and will travel to dance conventions throughout the year.

TANGLEFOOT - Junior Tappers Ages 10-15
8-COUNT- Advanced Tap Ensemble made up of our "top 8" tappers


All prospective dancers are recommended by the team by a MusicWorks! faculty member. To become a member of one of our companies dancers must meet the minimum age requirement. Students are placed into the appropriate team in the fall of each season.

Students who feel that they may not be ready to join a performing company but would like to join in the future are encouraged to speak with the studio director about designing a personal accelerated program to help prepare you for the company.


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