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Private Voice (Young adults & adults)

Private vocal lessons offer the one on one attention using vocal exercises, techniques and songs to improve the voice in all styles, from opera to pop music. The lessons always focus on healthy singing habits to keep students singing for years to come! Lessons are customized to meet the needs, skills and level of each student, from beginner to advanced students.

More information about private voice lessons (.pdf)

Vocal Technique Class: Offered in 6-weeks sessions only.

This is a small-group (4-6 members) voice class that is offered to our younger singers, ages 7-10.  The class provides basic training with breathing and sound production exercises, healthy vocal techniques, ear training, and introduces basic vocal repertoire.  Note: Vocal technique classes are not offered every semester. Please contact the office if you would like to place your child on the "wish list".

Private Piano

Private piano lessons offer one on one attention in using piano exercises, techniques and playing songs for beginners to the most advanced students in all styles from classical to jazz.

Private Harp

Who Can Play the Harp? Anyone -- that's who! I have found that it is never too late to learn to play an instrument you love. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities and I have taught a huge age range of students- from age 6 on through their 60's. In recent years I have seen a large increase in the number of beginning adult students, which is great news!
Instruction will emphasize:

  • Healthy hand position & technique
  • Quality sound & beautiful tone
  • Practice techniques for the individual
  • Music reading
  • Performance skills
  • Ensemble experience
  • Harp care & maintenance
  • Career preparation

If you are considering lessons, here are some basic points to consider:

  • All students should be prepared to rent or buy a harp to practice on at home.
  • Any student will learn to play the harp more quickly if they are already able to read music before beginning harp lessons, however, I do not require prior musical knowledge.
  • When deciding if your child is old enough to begin taking harp lessons, rather than going strictly by age, a good guideline is that small children must be able to sit still & pay attention through a 1/2 hour lesson, and be able to practice 15 minutes each day at home.
  • I also expect all students regardless of age to have a strong desire to learn how to play the harp well, approach any suggestions or instructions I give with an open mind & "can do" attitude, and to supplement their learning experience by listening to recordings of harp music and attending live concerts, clinics or harp circle meetings as often as reasonably possible.


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